Chuck: Gamer

I never thought I'd hear...

...a woman call Nathan Fillion overrated, but one of my co-workers did yesterday!

We were talking about the forthcoming Uncharted video game and movie when I mentioned that geekdom was clamoring for Fillion to play Nathan Drake when she said he was overrated! That brought a big smile to my face because, I must confess, I think he is, too. I used to call him Show-Killer because every show he was in didn't have a long life up until "Castle" came along. Correction: "Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place" lasted 60 episodes, but nobody really knows why.

Anyway, I heard rumblings of Bradley Cooper as Drake, who I've heard has worked with the new director before, which wouldn't be too bad of a choice, imo. I'd say Mark Thomas Valley, but even though I like him, he seems to be a Show Killer, too. He lasted on "Boston Legal" for awhile, tho'. Plus, he's a little old for the character at 46 (Fillion turned 40 in March!). Cooper, in case you care, turned 36 in January.

Maybe "Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place" alum 35 year-old Ryan Reynolds?