Sountracks... for books

Whitney has once again led me to something interesting: an article about a new company called Booktrack that adds music and sound-effects to your ebook reading experience.

While she and wired.com are against it, I find it an interesting idea. If I'm reading Moby Dick, I'm not always going to be thinking about the sound of the ocean-waves in the background, and I'll probably forget that there is a fire going in Sherlock Holmes' room about two sentences after it is mentioned. But to me this sounds like it could take the best parts of reading a book and listening to an audiobook and smashing them together. I bought Joe Schreiber's Star Wars horror-novel Death Troopers in hardcover, but I also bought his follow-up, Red Harvest as an audiobook. While I can listen to a Star Wars score while reading a book, the soundeffects added to the audiobook emphasized the fright-factor in the story. I know what a lightsaber sounds like, but hearing one light-up in my ears hightens the experience. I know what a dog's bark sounds like, but actually hearing a howl while reading The Hound of the Baskervilles can heighten the tension ten-fold!

If done right, this could become a pretty successful venture. If not, it'll be a complete waste of time. What do you think of the idea?

"...the result is a totally immersing experience that pulls the reader into the author's world and allows the real world to melt away."

whaaa?? Shouldn't good books already be doing this? I mean, I think if what you're reading isn't "immersing" you enough by it's words alone... probably means time to pick up a new one, not play a bunch of music and sound effects. lol :P