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SW Blu-Ray thoughts part 2

The second bonus disk focused on the Original Trilogy, and while it was filled with stuff, I don't think it was quite as interesting as the first disk. That being said, if I gave disk 1 an A, I'd give disk 2 an A-.

I really should be taking notes, but there are a few things that really stood out for me. One was part of a vignette on Artoo, where in Ewan talks about the droid and his daughter's love for the plucky little astromech. She cried herself to sleep one night because she missed him so much! It includes a brief clip of Ewan and his little girl dueling with lightsabers on the Geonosian Arena set.

You may have heard that the Empire portion of the disk features the Boba Fett cartoon that was featured during the infamous Holiday Special, which was pretty cool since I don't think I've seen it since the very original airing. I try to avoid anything Holiday Special related.

Another thing which I think was also featured in the Empire Strikes Back portion of the disk was George talking about the Force. It is not during an interview, but during a writers meeting for the Clone Wars. George explains and almost sermonizes about the Force to Dave Filoni and the writers, including (I think) his daughter Katie. Outside the occasional russle of papers and scratching of pens, the room is entirely silent as George explains how The Force works beyond it being an energy field that surrounds us and binds the galaxy together.

One last thing I just remembered is a group of deleted scenes of Rebel pilots during the Battle of Endor. In it the director feeds the actors lines which they repeat, which looks pretty silly after awhile. Besides a Sullustan and a Mon Cal, there were also suppose to be two female pilots. One of the women looked to be in her twenties and the other looked to be alot more grandmotherly! Both seemed to have issues with their delivery (you can almost see them thinking, "What the hell am I saying?"), but don't be surpised to see Rebel-grandma pop-up on some day soon.
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