SW: Celibate Obi-Wan

The AOTC Blu-Ray

There's nothing really exciting to say about the Attack of the Clones blu-ray. There haven't been any changes, and it still looks good, especially in part due to the format. I listened to the new commentary of the cobbled-together interviews and what seems to be previously unused commentary, and nothing really stands out from that. There is a lot of George talking about the story, Hayden, Ewan, Natalie, Sam, and occasionally Ian and Tem, plus the behind-the-scenes crew including Rob, Ben, Rick, and John. Eye-lines, blue-screens, stunts, and digital action are among some of the subjects mentioned.

I'll admit that thanks to my TV and the format, I think I'm seeing things that I've never seen before, like the door Padmé comes through when she interrupts Anakin's post-nightmare meditation. I don't think I ever saw it before during that opening shot from behind of Anakin, but it is there. I also noticed that his shirt is a bit more sheer than I initially suspected.