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The ROTS Blu-Ray

Again, nothing really new to report here because there haven't been any significant changes. The new commentary features cast-members Ewan, Hayden, Natalie, Christopher, Jimmy, and Sam, and crew-members Rob, Roger, John, and Rick (maybe too much Rick) plus a little bit of George. The quality, thanks to the format and HD-TV, is fantastic, of course. I noticed tears on Hayden's face a couple of times that I hadn't noticed before, which I forgot to mention in my comments about the AOTC disc. I also noticed two small scars on the left side of Anakin's face that I don't think are new, but they stood out a little more for me this time around.

AOTC and ROTS are the episodes in the saga I've seen the least, which is a shame because the opening battle in ROTS is arguably the most exciting opening sequence in the entire saga. That battle is so huge, so dense, that I was tempted to freeze-frame and start counting the number of Republic and Separatist ships on the screen!

But on a side note, after watching those two films one day after the other, I can probably start recognizing certain elements of each film in The Clone Wars television series. The clones' armor, the coloring on the ship, those two scars on Anakin's face, and little things like that.

And now I realize that I don't have a ROTS related userpic. I should remedy that at some point.
Tags: bluray, clone wars, movies, star wars

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