Chuck: Oh no!

Chuck Fail

Friday I missed the first 10 minutes or so of Chuck, but I didn't worry because I got caught up on everything pretty quickly with the rest of the show. Turns out that Mark Hamill made his appearance in that opening sequence. Yes, the much bally-hoo'd appearance of Luke Skywalker on Chuck was Friday night!

"Cool!" I thought, "I'll just watch that part online. Since he was only in the opening sequence, maybe he'll come back, be a bigger part of following shows."

No such luck.

Mark wasn't even a villain-of-the-week! He was a villain-we're-taking-on-just-to-give-you-an-idea-of-what's-been-happening-in-the-off-season villain!

Granted, performance all around were good, although I think Mark was having trouble deciding on an accent. Was he a Russian mobster? German? French?

The Joker dressed as the Penguin? (which is closer to the truth than you'd think.)

Otherwise, the first episode of the last season of Chuck was fine. Hopefully it'll improve over the next 12 episodes, but I was okay with this one.