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I caved.

I walked down to Hastings today where I spotted the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest merchandise, especially the storybook and young readers adaptions.

And what did I do when I picked the book off the shelf?

Yes, I read the ending. Actually, I did a little "speed-reading" starting in the middle just to have an idea where everyone was in the story before reading the ending from where Jack, Elizabeth, and Norrington find the chest, Will interrupts, the boys get into a fight, the chest gets stolen, Davey Jones' crew shows up, the chest gets lost again, Jack finds the chest, gets the heart, Our Heroes try to escape, and Norrington runs off into the jungle with the chest to distract Davey's crew while Our Heroes escape.

I paged throught the next couple of pages, until I got to where the Kraken attacks, Jack abandon's the Pearl and Will and Elizabeth, Jack's magic compass leads him back to the Pearl, Elizabeth kisses him before (and here's the surprise) chaining Jack to the mast so Our Heroes can escape, Jack calls Elizabeth "Pirate," the Kraken takes Jack to the depths.

I'm very diappointed in that girl.

Anyway, POTC3 should be a really exciting follow-up next Summer.
Tags: books, keira, movies, potc

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