Mass Effect 2: FemShep with gun

Shepard #10

I'm not sure why, but I'm suddenly in the mood to start another full play-thru of Mass Effect, this time starting with a FemShep, Adept, Sole Survivor, Spacer. This will be my ninth Shepard started on ME1 and my tenth overall on XBox 360, also giving me an even ratio of Male to Female Shepards.

My only other goals in this play-thru is to get those handful of achievments I have yet to score if I can and to make Kaidan my Virmire survivor. I've notice that in my other play-throughs I've had Ash as the survivor more than Kaidan, so I'm going to balance that out this time around.

Naming her is going to be the tough part.
I have actually been thinking about doing another playthrough of ME1 as well but I think I might wait until I've been ME3 with my other three characters. I want to play through ME1 to ME3 in a complete circle and do everything perfectly. :)

I have favored Kaidan over Ashley, mostly because I think Ashley is a racist ho, but I think I want to try to be a male Shep and romance Ashley...which will be hard because I love Kaidan, but it probably won't matter as much because this will be male!Shep and not fem!Shep. Wow, run-on sentence of the year?

Anyway, if you need more help on names, I find that baby-naming books (I bought one for Sims haha) and online sites are useful.

Or...maybe try Petra? Sadie? Jordan/a? Madison?