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Star Wars needs better defenders than me

Tom Brazelton of TheaterHopper.com posted a picture of George Lucas in carbonite on his Facebook page with the comment, "I wish!" I responded with the link to the Hateboys, the Star Wars 1% post at ACertainPointofView.net.

Tom's response was this:
I see it from both sides. Are "Hateboys" overly entitled? Of course. But is Lucas chasing down a dollar and producing mediocre work? Absolutely.

He's being smart about it, too - targeting the franchise to children to ensure it's longevity for another 30 years. In that context, adults don't have a lot of room to complain.

But just because it's for kids doesn't mean it should also offend the sensibilities of adults. You can produce smart content for both audiences - just look at Pixar.

Now, granted, he has some points, but I think he is dipping his pen in the ink of cynicism. I wanted to respond with, "Have you seen John Lasseter's office?" but I don't think that's a strong enough comeback. It needs something stronger, deeper concerning how much depth their is to the stories, that not only are they based on the mythologies of the world, but homages to movies of yester-year. Quentin Tarintino does it and it is called brilliant-art (not by everyone, of course), GL does it and it is called "mediocre work."

I'm not good in organizing words for a proper debate, but those of you who are, please let Tom know what you think and/or recruit others who are willing to let him know, too. I know playing this sort of defense is tiring, but it still needs to be done. The never-ending battle continues.
I've only gotten to the Saga at the age of 20 — and thus, an adult, as far as I know —, and fell completely and absolutely in love. I think George Lucas is brilliant.

Seriously, the hateboys and detractors should stop using age as an argument.

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Gee, another doughy white geek manboy raging against the Lucas machine with his followers. Seriously, I took a look at the FB page and it's like a third-rate AICN wannabe. As much as I dislike Shia LeBeouf myself because he's an utter douche, is that the only thing motivating that stupid site?

I was going to respond but then I don't want to have to fend off retaliatory attacks on both my FB or SWPAS pages. There really isn't anything you can say to these guys that will change their minds. If they haven't been able or willing in 13 years' time to sit down and try to look at all of the prequels and Clone Wars within context of the saga overall, what can you do? So many of them are the sheeple they accuse us of being. They care soooo much about what the other guys think and are unwilling to form an independent opinion.

The Lucas-is-just-chasing-a-dollar trope has been around for years. I've always said if that were true, we'd see the 40th Star Wars movie by now. Certainly Lucas knows Star Wars is reliably popular and reliably able to make money. (P.S., Pixar makes bundles off of licensing too.) The money keeps Lucas's companies going and he can fund projects like "Red Tails" right out of his pocket.

I was 29, almost 30, when I saw TPM and loved all of the political intrigue in it.

I gave an interview to CNN's Geek Blog where I bring up a lot of this stuff. Hopefully, a couple of my quotes will make it in the final piece. But that's giving my side of things without having to shout over strangers.