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ME3 Diary: Game-play: Day One

Here is how my Mass Effect 3 game-playing experience went in raw notes I wrote down when I had the chance while playing the game. Not all of it coherent. (all times Pacific)

3/6/12 12:22a.m.
After a surprisingly 30 minute long wait in line outside GameStop, I finally got my copy of the Collector’s Edition.

12:50a.m. Disc 1 is over 77% installed, but I still have a number of codes to enter to actually get to playing. I framed the 4x6 lithograph a few minutes ago and it is up next to my TV.

12:58a.m. Online Pass activated. Downloading N7 CE items now.

1:02a.m. Redemption successful.

1:05a.m. Took at peek at multi-player [hereby referred as MP]. Male & Female humans of all classes available. Not ready to go there just yet.

1:09a.m. Backed out to download “From Ashes.” This might take awhile.

1:15a.m. While that downloads, I’m getting the ME3 soundtrack file downloaded, too. That might finish first, but not by much.

1:44a.m. All downloaded. Sdtk needs some organizing, but it’s in my iTunes library.

1:45a.m. New Game, importing Kevin… Massive decision list:
Saved Rachni Queen
Rescued Ashley
Sacrificed Council (Yikes!)
Kept Wrex alive
Saved Maelon’s data
Chose to rewrite geth heretics
Destroyed Collector Base
9 squadmates survived suicide mission [Miranda, Samara, & Legion died]
Romanced Liara before ME2
Romanced Tali in ME2

1:48 Importing… Face code doesn’t work! [It sounds like this is going to be fixed, so I’m going to wait until it is for my second play-thru.]

1:58 confirming appearance

1:59 complete reinstatement… Game Starts!

2:04 New dialogue with Ash. Kevin looks pretty pale. Eyes are very green, tho’.

2:22 Normandy arrives!

2:25 Escape! I didn’t choke-up as much as usual this time. New stuff soon!

2:28 1st stop… Mars.

2:38 Liara!

3:20 Good-bye Mars. Ash hurt bad.

3:30 On Citadel, taking a look around.

4:16 Freaky dream!

4:40 Touring the Normandy. Shep’s armor now looks very Optimus Prime while is flight jacket looks very Han Solo.

4:53 Big decision time with Liara… We’re just friends.

5:08 Shuttle pilot is gay.

5:20 Gave Vega a beatdown.

5:24 Return to Eden Prime!

5:40 This is the From Ashes DLC.

6:20 Calling it a night/day.

11:15a.m. Back. Going to try a little MP mode first today.

11:36 Died on wave 10

11:39 leveled up then backed out to play single-play [SP]

11:55 Rescuing a Turrian… Wow, space battle!

12:19 BTW, Garrus is with me now.

12:22 I like the load screens.

12:25 Break 4 lunch

12:36 Back, going to try a random MP map.

1302 Only made it to 10, again. Got most medals by using my FemAdept, Elle.

1305 Back to SP

1307 LOL! Garrus attending to calibrations.

1311 Something is up with EDI. I better take a look.

1315 EDI has a new… platform. To quote Dr. C. “Joker is going to have a field day with this.”

1344 Mail from the Citadel. Ash doing better, asked by Udina to become a SPECTRE! Thane and Aria are on the Citadel, too! Grissom Academy is in trouble, but I think I’ll fly by the Citadel first.

1400 Ash looks rough. Udina looks like he dyes his hair.

1411 Aria wants me to unite the gangs. That won’t be easy. I like the music here in Purgatory!

1413 Let’s go dancing!

1419 LOL! “I’ll get out of your hair.”

1426 Word about Kasumi!!

1427 Kasumi!!

1429 Pardon Gabby & Ken!!

1442 Kasumi wants Jacob. Mmm. 

1523 Whew, that was close, Kasumi!

1555 I’ve been spending way too much time on the Citadel. Going to Grissom Academy. Taking EDI & Liara. Hopefully we’ll find Jack there.

1605 Breaking to install disc 2. That was a bitch to get out of the case.

1618 Install complete. Meant to do this before getting to this point, but it came sooner than expected.

1621 Hello Kahlee Sanders, star of the tie-in novels.

1651 Reunite with David from Overlord.

1702 Jack watching her language? That must be tough.

1705 Email from Ash. She’s a Spectre!

1715 Hey! Gabby and Ken have joined the crew.

1815 Another round of MP falls short. This time against the geth. Back to SP.

1830 2nd half of demo means back 2 disc 2

1838 Turns out Kirahee did not survive Virmire.

1840 Shit. Game locked up.

1842 Wow, my Gamerscore has reached 10,000!

1913 Finished that level and crossed over the 10grand mark with 15 achievement points!

1925 There’s just so much to do!

1936 Adams gets around the ship. LOL! Joker thinks Liara did some bouncing when she met Javik, the Prothean.

1947 Whew! I think I got an achievement for evading Reapers while exploring the galaxy.

2000 Switching in and out of discs is getting annoying.

2002 Grunt!

2025 Break for dinner and Cougar Town.

2106 MP.

2130 Yay! Won a MP with my Sentinel, Seline. I’ve got a Turian Sentinel now, but don’t know what to name him [I eventually decided on Marcus]

2144 Rescued the Rachni Queen, again. But Grunt… survived!! I got teary-eyed during what I thought were Grunt’s final moments, but he lived.

2320 “Was it someone else who pinned me to the wall with her mouth?” The things you hear on the Citadel.

0010 Liara just wrote Shep’s name in the stars. Aww. I really like the piano piece that went with it. That may have been the halfway point.

0120 After one brief run on MP, I think I’ll call it a night.

End day one.
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