knight_ander (knight_ander) wrote,

Surprisingly irked (SPOILERS for Legend of Korra)

I just started following the Legend of Korra Twitter page this morning, and after a brief glimpse I decided to tweet a reminder to not look at it before 11am Pacific time with hash-tag "spoilers." Not a minute later, @KorraLegend tweets back that the tweets were not spoilers.

I'm sorry, but tweeting that Zuko is alive IS a spoiler to someone who has to wait another half hour to see the episode!

EDIT: and then they say, that's not a secret from episode 3, it's mentioned on

Again, I'm sorry, but I'm just watching the episodes, not seeking out info and spoilers everywhere I can find them. Watching it episode by episode is a classic spoiler-free way of enjoying a piece of entertainment. I'm not sure @KorraLegend really understands that.

How the fuck did I get caught up in a Twitter war???
Tags: avatar, internet, television

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