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A Starship Troopers reunion? Why?? No, really, why???

From Creature Feature's Facebook page:

In 1997, Director Paul Verhoeven’s STARSHP TROOPERS exploded onto the screen with a rousing mix of intergalactic warfare, raw teen angst and sly political satire. Loosely based on Robert Heinlein’s controversial, award-winning novel, the film startled audiences and critics alike with its bloodsoaked man-vs-bugs warfare and jawdropping visual effects which ultimately set a new standard in what an R-Rated big-budget sci-fi epic could achieve.

Now, for the film's 15th anniversary, Creature Features revisits this durable genre masterpiece with an unprecedented cast & crew reunion screening at the Arclight Cinema in Hollywood on Thursday, May 10th at 7:30pm.

Host Paul M. Sammon (Filmmaker, commentator and author of THE MAKING OF STARSHIP TROOPERS/FUTURE NOIR: THE MAKING OF BLADE RUNNER) leads a panel discussion with confirmed guests: Actor Casper Van Dien, Screenwriter/Producer Ed Neumeier, Visual Effects Supervisor Phil Tippett, Creature FX designer Alec Gillis and more to be announced.

A dazzling display of original props, costumes, production artwork and merchandising will also be on display during the event.

Tickets go on sale available exclusively at on Tuesday, April 24th at 6pm, so do your part and join the Creature Features Mobile Infantry for this very special evening.

And remember, service guarantees citizenship!

Why? I mean, seriously, why??

I blame Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle for reinvigorating Neil Patrick Harris' career, and How I Met Your Mother for sending it back into the stratosphere. Now everything involving him turns to gold... apparently. Whether Barney Stinson I mean Doogie Howser, uh, I mean Mr. Harris shows up or not may or may not matter.
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