SW: Handmaidens: Now What?

Azula's back!!!

I forgot Grey DeLisle was Azula on Avatar: The Last Airbender, but beyond that, she's back on Twitter!

Speaking of Avatar, has anybody else seen the table-read the cast of Legend of Korra did at SDCC this weekend? It's available at nick.com and probably youtube, too. It was pretty entertaining. David Faustino (Makko) got a little fresh with Korra's voice-actress (who's name I forget) toward the end, but it was pretty funny. The resemblence between Asami and her voice-actress is uncanny! She was even wearing a nice steampunkish had and goggles that were pretty cool.
The girl who voices Asami actually played Yue in the Thing-That-Shall-Not-be-Named. My theory is that Mike and Bryan were like... "wow, we really like you and feel sorry for your association. Here! Have something better!" She's also one of my favorite characters on Falling Skies.