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Natalie's wedding to French dude... what does that have to do with anything?

So, Natalie Portman finally got around to marrying the father of her 14 month-old child, blah, blah, vegan, blah, blah, traditional ceremony, blah, blah.

Contrary to popular belief, I neither love the woman, nor hate her, however she did say something that initially came off just a tad offensive and a little creepy, in my opinion.

A New York girl, born in Israel, she said the following to France's Madame Figaro magazine: "I now have the possibility of taking on French nationality. It would accomplish the Francophile dreams of my father and myself."

So, she's been waiting around for some handsome French dude just to become French, too? Just like her father always wanted? I guess being an all-American boy means I had no chance from the start! (And forget about Hayden Christensen. He's Canadian for God's Sake!)

The next quote deluded the offensiveness of the first quote when I read it, but it still doesn't absolve it of the slightly creepy influence her father has on her.

"I lived in Paris when I was 12 [probably while filming Leon: The Professional] and my father gave me the name Natalie as an homage to Gilbert Bécaud's song. Everything in my life has drawn me towards a French family."

Not that I look really hard, but you really don't hear much about her mother, who apparently doubles as her agent, but you always hear about her father who's a fertility specialist and gynecologist (but probably not her gynecologist, because that would just be creepy beyond words!).

I don't know. Those words just... rubbed me wrong.

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