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Some Episode Seven Thoughts

I know, I know, I said I wasn't going to join in on all the speculation drama and stuff, but since it's still early I figured that I might as well share a few thoughts before a director is announced.

Three things that will definitely happen in the Sequel Trilogy:

1. Artoo will save the day at some point in each movie. He repaired the queen's ship in TPM, saved Padmé from drowning in molten-metal in AOTC, fought off buzz-droids in RotS (truthfully, even Artoo couldn't keep things from going to hell, it was inevitable), carried the Death Star plans in ANH (that movie was all about him), fixed the Falcon's hyperdrive in ESB, and tossed Luke his lightsaber in RotJ.

2. Threepio will lose a limb, or four, at some point in the trilogy. He may even lose his head once or twice, too.

3. Episode Seven will end with Our Heroes standing triumphantly on a dais. It's how TPM and ANH ended, it will be the same way Episode Seven will end. Guaranteed.

One thing that almost certainly will happen in Episode Seven.

A venerable Jedi's last breathes will be drowned out by his apprentice's stunned cry of, "No!" Of course he may disappear like Obi-Wan does in ANH, too, but that's pretty much how I expect Luke to pass on into the Force if he does die in Episode Seven.

The teaser trailer.

Man, that's what, a good year and a half away? Late 2014? Early 2014 if we're lucky. I'm guessing that the teaser will consist mainly of flashbacks from the previous movies, but have one cool new kicker at the end that will get fans gasping and crying for more. I'm torn between it being a glimpse of new characters, or something of the old gang. Maybe a classic quote like "Here's where the fun begins" or "I have a bad feeling about this" or "Here we go again." While anything will get fans cheering, I would really like to see Leia igniting a lightsaber in a trailer. That, for some reason, will really make me smile.

The director.

I have no clue. I do, however, like what Kyle Newman said on a Forcecast a few weeks ago about Irvin Kershner. How would have the internet reacted to the announcement that he would helm ESB? Kersh's filmography before 1980 include a Barbara Streisand comedy called Up the Sandbox, an Elliot Gould and Donald Sutherland comedy called S*P*Y*S, the Richard Harris western The Return of a Man Called Horse, and the thriller Eyes of Laura Mars. Why in the world would George Lucas want this guy to direct what is now arguably the best movie in the series? He must be insane!

Or maybe it was the writer.

I didn't see Little Miss Sunshine, so I can't say whether Michael Arndt deserved the Oscar he was awarded for Best Original Screenplay, but I did see Toy Story 3, so I can say that he deserved the Oscar nomination he got for Best Adapted Screenplay for that movie. He's done work for Brave, the next Hunger Games movie, and Oblivion, Tom Cruise's next sci-fi adventure, so I think the guy might have talent. It should be interesting to learn how much of a Star Wars fan he is.

And then Lawrence Kasdan is suppose to return to the Star Wars universe for Episodes Eight and Nine! At least the writing for the Sequel Trilogy seems to be in good hands.

Casting the Future

I'm not even going to try. Hopefully Mark, Carrie, and Harrison will be back, and I'm sure Anthony Daniels will be willing to strap-on the gold suit if they need him, and maybe Peter Mayhew will throw on the fur if he can, but I have no idea about anybody else. Clouded the future is.

What I do and do not want to see.

I'll leave that for a future post. :)
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