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Is 1313 still alive?

I joked about the Star Wars video game 1313 a couple of months ago when George announced his engagement on 1/3/13, a day some would have expected to hear more about the game instead. Well there has been some silence on several Star Wars products since the Disney purchase, including 1313, and there is major speculation that the project is dead.

However, this may be reaching, but there was a glimmer of hope today when it was revealed at Sony's Playstation 4 announcement that LucasArts is one of their confirmed third-party partners.

Talking odds isn't very common in the Star Wars universe, but the odds are better that LucasArts is going to bring something to this next generation gaming system, possibly 1313. When demos for 1313 were being showed at events last year, reporters were told that what they were seeing was for "high-end PCs", which translates to the PS4 and whatever Microsoft will call their next-gen system (720?), so logic suggests that 1313 is still in the pipeline.

I believe that Disney said that they wanted to get more into the mobile-gaming field, and the Playstation 4 seems to want to take "Play" wherever you go, so this doesn't exactly mean that 1313 is still a go, it could be something else (high-stakes tournament sabacc, anyone?). While a post Revenge of the Sith Boba Fett game would be cool (which is what most fans and critics are thinking 1313 is about), I would like it to turn out to be a Han Solo game. If you make a feature film about one, how about making the game about the other?

Hopefully we'll learn more long before the PS4 comes out later this year.
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