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1313: Not Dead, Just Frozen in Carbonite

Apparently the rumors of 1313's death are closer to true than I was thinking. Video game news site Kotaku.com is reporting that ever since the purchase of the Lucas brands by Disney, "development of the game has been frozen or put on hold."

Kotaku's reporter Stephen Totilo also says that when he asked a LucasArts spokesperson about the status of the the project, they told him that "Star Wars 1313 continues production."

The article goes on to tell some of the history of the game and current opinions about its status, but I also agree when it says that even though LucasArts has had a rough track record of late, 1313 has (saying "had" would sound like I'm giving up on it) a lot of potential and Disney would be missing out if they didn't truly continue to produce this game.