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Pirates of the Caribbean review and fanfic!

I hate to say it, but corrielle wrote a much better review of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest than I could, so go check it out. It says pretty much everything I wanted to say only better.

Sticking to my grading scale, tho', I give it an A, the best movie of the year so far!

Another way I'm making up for my lack of fully-developed review is the following piece of PotC fanfiction. Enjoy.

Title: Untitled Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End vignette, pt. 1
Author: knight_ander
Timeframe: Somewhere in the midst of the third PotC movie.
Characters: Jack and Elizabeth
Summary: J. and E. discuss the truth while tied to a cannon at the bottom of the ocean.
Notes: It takes place right in the middle of the story, allowing the reader to fill in the blanks. First of Two short parts. I'm going to be off-line for a couple of weeks, so it may be that long before I get the second part up. Sorry.

“The truth, Jack! For once in your life!”

“I always tell the truth, luv.”

“Only when it can benefit you the most,” Elizabeth sneered. Submerged beneath the ocean, her hair encircled her head like a golden-halo.

Captain Jack opened his mouth to reply, but paused to watch the minnow that swam out of it. “Strange things happen when you’re on the bottom of the ocean,” he mumbled.

“This is more than strange, Jack! We are having a conversation underwater!” Elizabeth flung her arms out at their surroundings. “How is this possible?”

“Like I said, strange things, luv,” Jack shrugged, unable to give Elizabeth an answer because he just couldn’t think of one. He cocked a wary eyebrow at his companion. “You haven’t been pilfering Aztec-gold from young boys again, have you?”

Elizabeth thrust her arms behind her to swim as close to Jack’s face as she possibly could. “No!” she shouted as best as one could shout while underwater, her face turning a pale-pink with anger.

Jack’s gold teeth shimmered as he smiled at the frustrated young woman. “As impossible as it may seem, you are even more attractive when you’re angry, lass.”

Elizabeth let herself drift away from Jack, both of them were tied to the same cannon, so she couldn’t drift too far away. She didn’t want Jack Sparrow to be aroused by anything she did, did she? Unlike Davy Jones, Elizabeth was unsure of exactly where her heart truly lay. “The truth, Jack.”

Jack raised a finger. “Clarification: do you want the `Truth’ truth, or the `Convenient’ truth?”

Elizabeth sighed, her eyes focused on the family of golden fish swimming past her chained ankles. “The `Truth’ truth, Jack, please.”

“Ah,” Jack said, his eyes searching back and forth, suddenly very aware of the pair of sharks circling them. “Since we may not be long for this world, or the next for that matter, the `Truth’ truth it is.”

“I’ll believe it when I hear it,” Elizabeth said.

Jack threw out his jewel-encrusted hands. “Ah, it’s about time,” he said.

“Please, Jack.”

“The truth,” Jack said, thinking if he said the word enough times, he might be able to actually tell it. “The truth about this Bermuda Triangle with points called You, Me, and Young Master Willy,” he finished with a flirtatious grin.

Elizabeth narrowed her eyes at Jack, unamused by his ribald rhyme.

end part 1
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Well, I'm finally going to see it tonight, so I can't read until tomorrow! But yay for writing, and I'll have something to read tomorrow. :)
Hehe, I love the fic. The characterization is just right... You know, I never really considered Jack having a thing for Elizabeth, but I guess it works. Less cheesy than Elizabeth and Will too, I must say. I really want to see this movie, but no one else around here wants to. Is it as good as the last one?

And in response to your comment, hehe, that's a job for businesses, not researchers, methinks. Except maybe Alzheimers research. But there's so much hype in that area that only the most prestigious researcher ever could possibly get a paper published on that topic. Which leads back to the original dilemna... how to get prestigious?