Mass Effect 3: Earth is burning

Mass Effect 3 exclusive play-thru

So, a couple of weeks ago I started up Jennifer, a Ruthless/Spacer/Engineer exclusively for ME3, nothing imported from the previous games. I used the Genesis comic for an ME2 only pray-thru, but this was the first time I've need to use the Genesis and Genesis 2 comic for ME3. While Genesis does a good job with the important decisions, Genesis 2 gets to be a little vague. For example, when it came time to decide whether to kill Wrex or not in Genesis, she decided to kill him, but she wasn't able to decide whether to keep Maelon's data for the genophage cure or not in Genesis 2. It was until after she asked Mordin, "Should we have kept Maelon's data?" that I realized that we were going to have a problem.

Attempting to cure the genophage is my next step in the game, and Wreav's attitude is pushing me toward not making the cure. Without Maelon's data, Bakara is going to die, and without Bakara, Wreav is going to wreak havoc once he gets the chance, so it shouldn't be hard to talk Mordin out of completing the cure.

At least I got Grunt out of his tank (another choice I couldn't make in Genesis 2).

Oh, and I took Liara and Garrus to Surkesh, but Liara didn't say anything about the yahg. When he breaks out, Garrus says, "I guess he didn't like the food." Liara only says, "Something else to add to our memoirs."

Liara's story about becoming the Shadow Broker is a little sad, because even though she took dozens of mercs with her to confront the Shadow Broker, she wasn't able to save Feron. :(

I feel kinda sad for anyone who just plays Mass Effect 3 without playing at least 2. The game is still fantastic alone, but they're missing out on a lot!