knight_ander (knight_ander) wrote,

Just Fuck You, Yahoo!

Yahoo!Movies has this headline: 'Man of Steel' Tornado Scene: Too Soon?

Actually, my F-You headline should be directed at "Peggy F." who supposedly asked the "burning question" about the tornado scene in MoS and if "people [are] angry about this? Where does Hollywood draw the line when real-life tragedy is mirrored on film? Does it negatively impact viewers or box office?"

The sensational headline takes away from what the article does, which is a relatively thoughtful look at how Hollywood reacts to real-life tragedy when it could relate to events in their films. "Spiderman" had a shot of the World Trade Center towers removed when that came out in 2002, and "Ocean's 11" did a similar thing when they demolished a casino in that film the same year. "Star Trek" and "Iron Man" dealt with terrorism issues this year, and look how well those raked-in at the box office.

Like the article says, when the situation deems the scene or image to be necessary or unnecessary, changes may or may not be made, and by all accounts, the tornado scene is an important part of the plot, so it will stay in the picture.

On another note... I. CANNOT. WAIT. TO. SEE. THIS. MOVIE!

Tags: comics, internet, movies, news, superman, weather

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