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Padmé had Takotsubo Syndrome!

My first ever Star Wars fanfic (which I wrote in 2002) circles around the fact that Padmé dies of a broken heart. I'm not a fan of theories that the "Force-bond" or what-not between Anakin and Padmé was so strong that to survive his injuries he sucked the life out of her while she was giving birth or some sort of crap like that. Call me a Romantic, but I like the idea of her just dying of a broken heart better than anything else.

Well my friends, I just learned that there is an actual diagnosis for "broken heart syndrome" called Takotsubo Syndrome or what western medicine calls Stress Cardiomyopathy. Wikipedia gives a very good description of the problem.
Sigh the one thing I have against that theory is that they didn't say "She died of stress cardiomyopathy" but "We don't know what's wrong. She seems to have lost the will to live." I guess I can see that their medical culture doesn't focus on mentally induced conditions, but still...it makes Padme seem so wimpy. That, or that Lucas thinks the populas isn't smart enough to show a more specific diagnosis.