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Well, I got my 4-day pass to Celebration 7 in Anaheim. Appropriately, they actually had a "virtual queue" where you stood in line for tickets. When I finally got to the counter at 7:05am, all the VIP passes, Master and Knight, were sold out. Wow!

Stuff was slow to load, so I'm sure the servers were getting bombarded by eager customers, so it doesn't surprise me too much that those went fast.

You get also add a commemorative shirt, guide, and/or lanyard to your order if you so choose. While I didn't look into, it appears that you can look into booking rooms at the nearby hotels after you buy your tickets.
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Comic Con queues buyers the same way.

I'm not wealthy enough to go for the $900 tickets, so it's just as well. I've got plenty of time to buy the regular tix.