Video game review preview

I feel that I should say something about a few of the video games I've played recently, namely Beyond Two Souls which has gotten a lot of mixed criticism.

I'm not going to go too in depth right now, but I finished it last night and was very satisfied with the ending (out of a possible 23?!?) that I got. It's more interactive movie than game, in my opinion, which means that the game play is not too difficult. The game stars Ellen Page and let me tell you she puts on a stellar performance! She's bound to be given an award at the VGAs this year, if not just to do a bit with Aiden the "entity" attached to her character, Jodie.

Like I said, I'm not going to go into too much detail now, but I'll comment on one of the biggest criticisms of the game, which is that the story jumps back and forth in the timeline. You may be playing as adult Jodie one chapter, child Jodie in the next, then teen Jodie, then back to adult, then back to teen, etc. etc.. This got explained at the end of my version of the game, and while I would have liked more linear story-telling, the explanation for the disjointedness made total sense. I bought it anyway.

More in a future post.