knight_ander (knight_ander) wrote,

My clairvoyance regarding Miley Cyrus

Flipping back through some of my old entries, I discovered this on April 22, 2008. While the entry is mostly about Emma Watson's poor choice of underwear, the photogs who love her for it, and my opinion regarding the "any publicity is good" theory, I also said the following:

While Miley Cyrus is still only 15, there is some evidence that the Hannah Montana star is on a slippery-slope to skank-ville (although the jury is still out on that matter).

I think the jury has come back and the fat lady is starting to sing regarding that matter.

Look, if you tell me that it is all part of some ingenious plan of hers, I'll accept that, but only if you allow me the opinion that Paris Hilton is a brilliant manipulator of the media, Jessica Simpson is smarter than she leads us to believe, Britney Spears' best talent is her singing, and I've never made a hypocritical statement in my life.
Tags: commentary, music, pop culture, the emma watson tag

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