knight_ander (knight_ander) wrote,

Mr. Bieber: Oops, he did it again

As much as I want to rail against this celebrity-obsessed culture we live in, I can never avoid being dragged back under into the cesspool of that world.

And when I say "dragged back under" I mean "dive head first."

They're always headlines that you can try to ignore, but occasionally there's car-crash-like video evidence that you just can't turn away from, even if it's only 15 seconds.

In this case, I've been seeing a headline at that goes something like "Justin Bieber's bad weekend in Brasil." Easy enough to ignore, I'm guessing he got harassed by haters, yadda, yadda, yadda, but then, thanks to the magic of Facebook, I see another headline for a youtube video that reads, "Justin Bieber sleeping with Prostitute in Brasil."

For some silly reason, I pressed Play.

Basically it is a camera-phone video that quickly pans across a sunlit hotel bed to a sleeping Justin, then it quickly turns to the culprit/camera-person, a grinning, attractive, artificially inflated, presumably Brazilian woman. Fully dressed, she briefly turns the camera back to Bieber then back on her as she makes to quietly leave the room, looking back one last time to blow his dozing body a kiss, wiggling her fingers to wave goodbye.

So... remind me again what my point was, because I suddenly forgot.

I think Justin's on-again off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez has a tattoo, and I fear that his name may be somehow involved. I'm not sure.

Again, why did I write this?
Tags: pop culture, youtube

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