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Regarding that 12/18/15 release date

I'm going to start going Brown on Star Wars information until further notice. Not full Black where I delete every Star Wars related site from my Feeds and Lists and Bookmarks, but Brown where I keep them from appearing in my News Feed, tucking away the Bookmarks in a folder so I'm not tempted to click on them, not listening to the podcasts, but not deleting them from my podcast library.

Anyway, I'm a little disappointed that Episode 7 won't come out near the traditional release date. It'll take some of the buzz out of Celebration Anaheim, but it should still be a fun and exciting gathering. At least pushing it back to December won't make it feel like it is being rushed out.

Truthfully, I've never expected a Sequel Trilogy, probably never even wanted a Sequel Trilogy, so I have no idea what I want or even expect to get from these movies! Hopefully, being as far in the dark as I possibly can will help me enjoy the eventual results.
I hate hate hate seeing tidbits "revealed" online, as most of them are "casting calls" and rumors released way too early. I don't want to know anything until it's been officially released!

I've never wanted a Sequel trilogy either. I love the movies as they are and they are always there to rewatch. For me, Star Wars lives on in the books, comics, video games, and the friends I've met on forums and conventions.

I love the EU and I don't want them making what EU exists currently irrelevant. :/
Star Wars is what you make it, no matter how you include the movies, books, comics, games, or cartoons into your own personal Fan Universe. For me, I don't go beyond the NJO books in my personal Star Wars canon, and while I enjoy the comics, they're not Official Canon according to me. We'll see when it comes to the new movies. If I like them, I'll say, "The books? They're an alternative universe. I like them too." It should be fun.

Plus, with the release being 6 months after Celebration, we may not be completely spoiled while we're there.

And Disneyland is right across the street, so if there's too much Episode 7 stuff going on, we can always wander over to Disney and get lost there. :)
Well, for me, Star Wars is all of that. My canon is everything that I've read or played, and I will have a hard time with the sequels if they mess with that canon in any significant way. I am really contemplating not seeing the sequels if they completely dismiss the EU.
I've heard that, but until it's officially released by Lucasfilm, I'm still holding out. But I'm thinking more and more I don't think I can watch these.