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2013 Meme

Post the first sentence of the first entry each month this (last) year.

January: The Star Wars anti-fanboy (or would it be anti-Star Wars fanboy?) is just giddy with news that the beloved day where gamers were hoping to hear more about the Star Wars 1313 video game is actually the day George Lucas announces his engagement.

February: I'm not one to rank lightsaber duels (although I will defend Luke vs Vader 1 to my dying days as the best), but the Savage/Sidious/Maul battle we saw this morning on The Clone Wars ranks right up there.

March: Apparently the rumors of 1313's death are closer to true than I was thinking.

April: I started playing Josh again on his Mass Effect 2 play-through for the first time in a long time this weekend.

May: I'm not going to go as far as to say that the Summer Movie Season has been disappointing so far, but I just haven't been overly impressed.

June: Yahoo!Movies has this headline: 'Man of Steel' Tornado Scene: Too Soon?

July: [From the first panel of "YY#115: Glee-sus."] The Westboro Baptist church plans to protest Cory Monteith's funeral.

August: This trailer for the new "Burial at Sea" DLC for Bioshock Infinite kinda makes me regret that I traded my X-Box 360 copy in.

September: Say what you will about Brit-Brit, but I just added "Work Bitch" to my Miranda Lawson fan-mix.

October: I feel that I should say something about a few of the video games I've played recently, namely Beyond Two Souls which has gotten a lot of mixed criticism.

November: While Warner Brothers Montreal works on fixes for Batman: Arkham Origins, I've been spending more of my gaming time in the early 18th century in the Caribbean Sea playing Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag.

December: About a week or so ago I bought a Kindle Fire, and while I'm not one to name my possessions, I think I'll name it KIKI: Kevin's Individual Kindle Interface.

I had to go deep into a couple of these months before finding my first entries, so I think one of my New Year's resolutions will be to post more entries and more entries earlier in the month.

Another resolution will have to be to cut back on the impulse video game buying. I've played some really good games this year, but I've played a lot of video games this year. I need to focus on completing more and not just getting games because I want to see what the fuss is all about. And cut back on the browser-based gaming, too. Maybe read more as well.

I also didn't get out to see many movies this year, either. I can blame some of that on the video games, too. Too much "at home" entertainment is available at my fingertips, I need to get out more.
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