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You ever order checks late and wind-up not paying a month's worth of bills? Yeah, that happened to me, and it wasn't entirely my fault.

I was a little late to mail out the order request for new checks to my bank, but weeks and weeks went by without any response. Then I finally called about two and a half weeks to check on my order which apparently got lost in the mail. So I completed my order over the phone, getting a cashier's check for my rent while I was at it, too. I got my rent check in time, but two weeks went by with no sign of my new checks, so I called again on Monday.

"Oh, those were processed Thursday," I was told. "They should be there any day now."

Any Day was today, finally, so now I'm paying off my bills, and feel that I have control over my financial stability again.

Also, my credit card expires this month, and the worse thing about that is needing to update All The Things with my credit card information: cellphone, online stores, etc. That's always fun.
Tags: apartment life, money, shopping

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