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Three Disney moments that made me go WHOA!

Beauty and the Beast: The Kiss


The thing that I remember most from the review for Beauty and the Beast in Newsweek back in 1992 was a comment that it contained the "sexiest" kiss ever seen in a Disney movie. "Oh, really?" I thought. I mean, come on, how sexy can a cartoon kiss be anyway? Several weeks later, when I eventually got around to seeing the film with my younger sister (she was 16, I was 21) and a theater full of youngster (we were probably the oldest people there not accompanying a child under 8), the eventual first kiss between the title characters was so passionate that we were both decidedly uncomfortable watching it.

Frozen: Elsa goes all CMD


I went into Frozen knowing very little about it. The fact that it started as practically a full-out musical was a pleasant surprise. The fact that Olaf wasn't nearly as annoying as the trailers suggested was a surprise. And Elsa letting her hair down and transforming herself into a full-fledged Country Music Diva (just watch and listen, you can almost hear the country-twang in Idina Menzel's voice) was a spectacular eye-opener from the movie's show-stopping performance of "Let it Go."

Tangled: Flynn cuts Rapunzel's hair, dies


As Tangled races to its climax, you've probably forgotten the movie's opening line: "This is the story about how I died." So when Flynn climbs into Rapunzel's tower only to be stabbed by Mother Gothel it comes as a shock. But then they actually show his bloody wound because you probably forgot the PG-rating by this point, too. Rapunzel promises to stay with Mother Gothel if she allows her to save Flynn. Okay, you think, she'll save Flynn, but somehow they'll figure out a way to get around Rapunzel's prom--- Holy shit, he cut her hair! He's dead! Sure, Mother Gothel is dead, too, but Flynn just sacrificed his life for Rapunzel's freedom! And just when you think all hope is lost, in drops a magic tear and we have our happy ending.
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