knight_ander (knight_ander) wrote,

I... know... you...

Or at least I thought I did.

You see, when I first saw this trailer for Disney's Maleficent I could have sworn that was Angelina Jolie singing "Once Upon a Dream." It sets up perfectly with her "Well, well" line flowing straight into the "I know you" lyric; a little gravelly, untrained, dark, and melancholy. "Wow!" I thought. "She can sing, too!" I was genuinely impressed.

But then the credit at the end pulls back the curtain that it was Lana Del Rey singing, not Angie. Now, while I've heard of Lana Del Rey, I don't think I've ever actually heard her; at least I'm just not familiar with her work, but I'm guessing that anyone who is would have recognized her right away.

While I'm just a tad disappointed that I was wrong, that it wasn't Angelina Jolie singing, I truly enjoy Lana Del Rey's version of this classic Disney love-song and can't wait to see the film when it comes out May 30th.
Tags: disney, movies, music, youtube

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