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Revisionist Fairy-Telling

I wasn't sure whether I should see Malefiecent or not because I had this inkling that somewhere in this retelling, something was going to be completely altered.

Thankfully, I have the internet to spoil things for me.

And, also thankfully, I have the internet to tell me that Malefiecent has little if anything to do with the source material. Granted, I'm relying on Wikipedia as my source, but I also have a copy of "The Annotated Brothers Grimm" on hand for some of my research.

While Disney's Sleeping Beauty obviously differed from the original source materials, Malefiecent (which must mean "man-hater" in German) differs even further. According to the original Yahoo article, men are betraying-bastards (okay, I get that, "woman scored" yada-yada), useful only if you can turn them into a crow or a dragon (sure, whatever), and to save the damsel in distress look pretty.

Wait, what??

In none of my research regarding the Sleeping Beauty tale (which, I'm ashamed to admit does include "The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty") does the story end the way Malefiecent ends. I wanted to see this movie, I really did, but know that it ends the way that I feared it might end.... Well, it's just not that interesting anymore.

On a slightly different note... nothing is really catching my interest this summer when it comes to movies. Captain America: The Winter Soldier was the last thing I saw in theaters, and Spider-man and the X-men movies just aren't really appealing to me.
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