knight_ander (knight_ander) wrote,

Everything was fine until....

The internet was up and down, I didn't get in as much laundry as I would like, both of my ball teams lost, and Burger King put cheese on my Whooper Jr. even though I said, "No cheese," but other than that, everything seemed fine.

Then I started looking into a couple of things. I hadn't seen posts from an Acquaintance in a long time, so I did some looking and discovered that they had un-Friended me some time ago. How long ago? I don't know. Why? I really have little clue, which is, I won't lie, a little disappointing, but I won't speculate, so there you have it.

Then, out of curiosity, I checked out an Acquaintance's journal who's not on my Friend's List but readable (or however that works) and discovered that they have considerably more drama going on in their life than mine. If they are reading this, I hope they understand that when I say, "It sucks to be you" I mean it with great sympathy.

And then I go off to my corner of the internet to solve the meaningless problem I have of whether my Kotobukiya statuette of Mara Jade should wear her hood or her cape? Wield her blue or her purple lightsaber?

So... how about those Mariners, huh? Do you think they can get David Price from Tampa now that Samardzija is with Oakland?
Tags: baseball, friends, internet, life, star wars

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