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Still alive

I haven't posted in two months, which is kinda long for me, so I thought I'd say a couple of things.

Things. Things.

That's a couple, right?

When last we spoke, I mentioned that I was finally getting an XBox One, which I did. I haven't played with it nearly as much as I have with my Destiny-Machine PS4. The interface is a little difficult to navigate, but I do like that I can just pop right into the last game I was playing with no sweat. I just got Dragon Age: Inquisition yesterday, and though I've only played it for a few hours, I can see where you can get lost constantly playing it for hours on end and still not make any great progress in the game. I'm not real good at the game-play in these types of RPGs, so I moved the difficulty down from Normal to Casual after the first boss-fight, because I knew it wasn't going to be any fun to play if I had to struggle as much as I did.

Health is still good, although I may have put on a few pounds after spending two weeks over the Holidays with my parents doing practically nothing but eat and watch TV.

I did get a chance to see "Into the Woods." I really enjoyed the first two-thirds of the film, but the last third was a bit of a downer, but all-in-all I'd give it a solid B.

Since I don't get Disney XD, I've resorted to buying the season pass for "Rebels" on iTunes. It has been pretty impressive so far! I'm not sure what was the whole reasoning behind hiring Frank Oz to do Yoda's voice for the last episode, but it sounded great! It looks like next week's show will have another OT guest-star, too!

I still have to make travel arrangements for Celebration in April. I'm not 100% sure where I'm going to stay, yet, but I'm hoping that gets resolved soon. Hope to see you there! :)
I'm going to Celebration too!!

Rebels is ok. I'm not too into it and don't rush to watch it on the DVR. The animation is too round and bubbly. They look like toys.

I still need to see Into The Woods. But I feel it won't live up to the play I saw with Amy Adams 2 years ago.
I see your point about how they animate Rebels. It took some time for some viewers to get use to the angular animation style used on The Clone Wars, too. They've made it a point to design some of the vehicles and characters based on some of the classic toys, so that probably contributes to why they look so much like toys.

I do have an issue with how they over exaggerate the character movements on Rebels, and I'm not a fan of Chopper, either.

From what I understand, the film version of Into The Woods is considerably shorter than the stage version. It's worth a look, but I understand why you wouldn't want to see it and have it possibly take away the impact that the version you saw initially had on you.
I doubt I'll ever be a big fan of Rebels. It is just missing something. I can't put my finger on it.

I also am not a fan of Chopper.

I like some of the actors in it, like Chris Pine, Emily Blunt and Anna Kendrick. It is just too cold to leave the house to see a movie. lol.