SW: luke personalized

Still alive.

In case you were wondering.
I'm okay. The ironic thing about that post is that 5 days later, I got hit by a car while trying to cross the street. They were turning right and I was trying to get across before I thought they would try to turn but they tried to turn instead and wound up hitting me in the process. Just a small cut to my chin (no stitches), scrape across my right elbow, and a bathroom Dixie-cup sized bruise to my right thigh/hip/butt area. Thankfully it was right in front of the local Urgent Care facility, so I got up and walked right in. I was so mad and upset that it happened that I didn't even want to bother dealing with the driver.
OMG!!! Talk about ironic. And luck to be near an Urgent Care. I am glad you are ok with only a few scrapes and bruises.

Did the driver track you down to help or compensate the bill for your injuries?

Be careful out there! And speedy recovery.