knight_ander (knight_ander) wrote,

Old words, new memories

So, I was going through some old Word files the other day when it hit me: I have no recollection of ever writing these words!

Yes, many of those fan fiction stories are over ten years old(!), but you would think that, being the author, I would know what comes next! Surprisingly, some of those are over 50k; novel size if you believe the National Novel Writing Month campaign.

On a slightly similar note, there is a video game coming out in (hopefully) August called No Man's Sky. In it you start alone in a galaxy where you get to name planets and animals, research ancient civilizations, fight space-pirates, and maybe (just maybe), come across other people playing the came all in your quest to reach the center of the galaxy. It is an ambitious project created by a small company based out of England called Hello Games, and just the thought of what this game could become has inspired a lot of fans, many of whom are thinking of documenting their journey much like a piece of fan fiction. This may reignite my writing spark, and I just may post a story or two here or other places on the internet. It sounds like fun.

Anyway, I hope anyone who is reading this has a good Memorial Day weekend, or just a good day if you're seeing this after the holiday. Is anyone going to Star Wars Celebration in England this summer? I'm not (I'm going with a tour group to Italy in October instead), but I've been thinking about Orlando next year. Maybe. I'm not sure. Too soon to tell.
Tags: fan fiction, nms, star wars, travel, video games, writing

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