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Return of the Keen Eddie Icon

Finally decided to cave and purchase the DVD collection of the short-lived Keen Eddie, and while the biggest complaint fans have is that the licensed music used in the broadcast versions is not on the DVDs (cheap Paramount bastards!), it's still a damn good show! While I miss some of the songs, I haven't really noticed it so far (especially since it has been so long since I've seen the show, that I don't remember what songs were played). Hearing Mark Valley and Sienna Miller bicker is always fun!

The listing for Keen Eddie at wikipedia helps to over come these major complaints (in my opinion), especially the listing of songs used in each episode, many of which can be easily found at iTunes, from where I intend to create Keen Eddie CDs for myself some day. One song listing is wrong, tho': "One Step Beyond" is by Inspector 7, not Madness.
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