knight_ander (knight_ander) wrote,

TomKat - Is there such a thing as a cuter couple?

Trust me, more people are going to see her movie than they are going to see his movie.

Oh, I'll see War of the Worlds, there's no doubt about that, but I'm sure I'm going to enjoy Batman Begins and see it more than once.

In a way, I hope Mr. Cruise is a man madly in love, but I also think his insane behavior of late (jumping up and down on the couch on Oprah!?) maybe a cover-up for how disappointed he is with War of the Worlds. All I've heard is that he can't stop talking about his love of Ms. Holmes and that whole Scientology stuff and is saying very little about the movie. Then again, maybe that is all that is being reported by the tabloid-ish media? Does anybody really care how good the movie is going to be? Has anybody talked to the director recently? He's pretty famous.

REPORTER: So, Steve, how's the movie?

MR. SPIELBERG: Can you believe that Tom? Jumping up and down on the couch on Oprah? I think he's really in love!

And give me a break Katie! Having a driver's license is a privilage, not being in love with Tom Cruise!

Surprisingly, Nicole Kidman is rather mum on the subject. I guess she's just happy that Tom found a good babysitter for the kids when they're with him. ;)
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