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Pregnant again

So I'm coding some outpatient clinicals at work yesterday when I made a startling discovery.

"Miss X. is pregnant again!" I gasped to one of my co-workers.

Now this is usually a good thing for some people, however when Miss X. was pregnant with her first child, she came in to the hospital several times for OB-checks, seemingly every other day. I had to code those OB-checks, and they can be a real pain in the ass. Anyway, her coming in alot makes sense because she wasn't only pregnant with her first child, but she was only seventeen years old at the time! She finally gave birth in January.

Miss X. is eighteen now.

Miss X. is due in December, which means Miss X started reproducing (again) around two months after giving birth for the first time! I'm no expert, but don't the doctors advise that you wait a little longer than that before trying again?
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Well, my sister's having her second child in December, almost exactly one year after she had her first child. And she's a doctor. *g* I think it is possible to have children close together if you're healthy and taking care of yourself. Physically possible. It's the social/psychological aspect of it that I'm not sure of.
It isn't the "how-soon" that really concerns me. Your sister, being a doctor and probably older than eighteen, probably knows what she's doing. right? Miss X. got pregnant somewhere around her seventeenth birthday the first time, and was still seventeen when she got pregnant the second time!!

It's Miss X.'s maturity issue that has me banging my head against my desk!

BTW, I'm pretty sure she's not married to the father, either. Whether the father of the first is the same of the second, I don't know.
I think the "twins" thing works for any ethnic minority that seems to over-multiply. I heard John Leguzamo us Puerto Rican Twins, once.