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Damaged Goods review

The problem with finally getting my Lennon CD in the mail (YAY!!) is that now I don't have a reason to get excited enough to rush to the mailbox everyday.

Speaking of which, has anyone else had problems with being slow on their deliveries? I got "delay of shipment" notices twice with this CD and problems with a couple other things I've ordered recently. When they tell you something is "In Stock" there really shouldn't be much of a delay before your item is shipped.

Anyway, back to the CD... It is fantastic! Not completely mindblowing, but fantastic none-the-less. Featuring mostly new tunes, there are a few tracks of previously recorded tracks with new arrangements that aren't too bad. She re-recorded "My Beautiful" under the title of "Where Do I Fit In" which isn't too different, but I like the original better. I believe "Goodbye" was on the Career Suicide album, but this version is much more upbeat. "Brake of Your Car" is the exact same version as the one featured on 5:30...! What's up with that?? I've only listened to it straight through 2 times, but the new tune that stands out as my favorite so far is "Another For Another", a song pretty much about having a one night stand.
"So if I take you home, we leave our names at the door,
no questions asked, no stories told.
This is all I want, I don't need anymore.
So if I take you home, we leave our names at the door,
I don't want your number, I won't bother to call.
You're just another for another night."

And while the chorus doesn't quite express it, the line "Glad to see you followed my rules perfectly/ Waking up alone is the only way it should be" tinges the song with a certain touching sadness.
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