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Big Mouth

I think my mouth has gotten me into trouble at work, again. Bribery as an apology might help, but I think it would probably be best if I just keep my damn mouth shut!

Our department supervisor (who wasn't necessarily well-liked in the hospital or the department for that matter) was fired two weeks ago, and while most people were happy about that (I really had no opinion on the subject), I don't think it has made things any better around here. Other people have had to take over portions of our supervisor's job while the search for a replacement is conducted, making them a bit more... on edge or something like that. Bitchy may be one way to say it, but I'm one guy in a department of twelve women, so I'm not going to use that word, although I've wanted to several times this week.

My plan for Friday is just to come in, give the person I'm in major trouble with her Junior Mints (as if that might help), keep my opinions to myself, keep my mouth shut unless spoken to, and reply with a neutral expression and comments. "Yes, ma'am," will probably work best for me tomorrow.

Of course I should also go onto careerbuilder.com and start looking for a job back in Minnesota, just in case they talk the new supervisor into firing me.
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To err is divine and all that. I've noticed that nothing works wonders like a sincere apology.
Thanks for the hug!

Believe it or not, the Junior Mints worked! I guess it helped that it was payday and she actually looks forward to Friday the 13th. Why, I don't know but she was quite happy even before I dropped 3 big boxes of Junior Mints on her desk.

Anyway, work was much more bareable today, thankfully. :)