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*Whitney led me to a trailer for the new season of 24. Welcome back, Jack! You're "our only hope."

*Slash fan fiction: I just don't get it. From Heroes to Harry Potter, from Star Wars to Batman, I just don't get it. And there is no balance in the genre, either, it's all guy on guy stuff, none of it girl on girl. And almost all of it (as far as I can tell) is written by women, too. I know fan fiction writing is primarily a female domain, but I honestly didn't think women were into gay-porn like that. I know I have little understanding of women, but I really thought they didn't find guy on guy sex as interesting as men find girl on girl sex. I just don't get it.

Oh, and this goes for the fan-girl sexism over at tf.n. Makes me want to leave those forums all-together some times. *shakes head and sighs wearily*

*Excuse me if I'm about to offend anybody, but I have to address one of my co-workers right now.


Well, that didn't solve my problem, but it made me feel better. Not much, but it didn't make me feel worse, either. Some of her problems with me maybe my fault, but from what I understand, the woman is a fuckin' Man Destroyer. The last guy that got stuck taking her shit probably handled it fairly well, but since he left the department, she's been directing it at me, and sorry if I sound like a pussy, but I'm not taking it as well. Don't let her good-looks fool ya; she can make it look like she's not being a bitch when she really is. </self-pity>
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