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"Venom, I want Venom!"

See the new Spider-Man 3 trailer here.

The subject line is what I said when the trailer ended.

Thoughts, anyone?
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As much as I usually hate sequels, I gotta say, this one may be the first I've ever seen to best its prequels...
I'm not so sure. This one may get hit with the disease of Too Many Villains, which was part of the downfall of the original Batman movies.

I'm thinking that Harry and Sandman (as well as the black symbiote-suit) will be the main villains in this movie and Venom (Topher Grace in the black symbiote-suit) won't appear until the very end, setting the plot for a 4th movie.

I'm not exactly thrilled about the "oh, someone else killed your uncle" plot, either. And it is a fairly well-known fact(rumor?) that Kirsten Dunst (MJ) has said "No" to doing a 4th film, so I'm not expecting MJ to live to the end of this movie, either.