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It has been awhile, hasn't it?

Hi all. Well ever since my last intelligent entry, I passed my RHIT exam (yay me!), and moved from Rochester, Minnesota to Moses Lake, Washington for a coder job a the local hospital. It is a big move for me, and not just the milage. No one in my family has lived this far from the family ponderosa, so it is getting to be quite the experience.

Moses Lake is in the Columbia Basin situated between Seattle and Spokane, just east of the Cascade Mountains, so we don't get as much rain as you would initially think. When you say Washington State, people automatically think Seattle and the rain they always get, but we don't get it here on this side of the mountains. Heck, it rained here for the first time in almost a month yesterday! Friday we had a big dust-storm sweep into town, which doesn't happen much, from what I hear. The car wash was a pretty popular place on Saturday.

I'm pretty much moved in to my apartment, which is bigger and cheaper than the one I rented in Rochester. I got my license plates yesterday, but the bolts holding my old plates are so rusty that I couldn't get them off to put on the new ones! I'm getting my oil changed tomorrow, so I'll have them take care of that for me.

Well, hopefully there won't be as big of a gap this time as there was last.
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