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Being Bitchy

Apparently it was my time of the month (a self-made observation, mind you), because it was pointed out that I seemed to be more than a little crabby at work today. The "time of the month" comment was made in jest and got a few laughs, so I was slightly forgiven on that point. If it wasn't a horrible Office Space reference, I think I would say that I had a "Case of the Mondays."

Anyway, I'm home, the work day is over, and all I have to do is figure out what to have for dinner. (A peanut-butter sanwich is the current front-runner in that race.) I also have to decide which show to watch: 24 or Heroes. I'll probably watch most of 24 since Heroes will rerun on Sci-Fi on Friday, although I'll probably flip back and forth tonight as well.
Tags: 24, heroes, movies, television, work

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