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Eragon Movie Review


Once again, I didn’t read the book, but from what I understand, I didn’t miss anything.

Most everyone probably already knows the history behind the publication of Eragon by home-schooled “protégé” Christopher Paolini, so I’m not going to reiterate it here. Suffice it to say, practically everything in the movie seems too familiar in this film, as if I’ve seen it all before. Apparently the main controversy about the book is exactly that; ideas taken from LotR, Star Wars, and other literary sources are just too obvious. However the book does have fans, and yet the little I’ve heard from their side regarding the film has been surprisingly negative.

Alas, here I am once again, the neutral observer, gazing upon the film with eyes unclouded by familiarity with the source material.

I shall make my comments brief: it was only a little better than Dungeons and Dragons: The Movie.

Yes, this movie was almost that bad, but not a heck of a lot better. You’d think being clocked at under two hours would have been a good thing, but I believe that if it was longer, if the story would have concentrated on the characters and their motivations, I might have liked the movie a little more. The special-effects that brought the dragon to life were amazing, but her personality, like the personality of most of the characters, was practically non-existent; I didn’t care about any of the characters!

Oh, and the Bad-Guys were just awful, too, and not in a good way. John Malkovich was just dull, and the character Darth Va--, uh, I mean Durza (Malkovich’s evil henchman) looks like the slimy Wormtongue from the LotR movies, but with ugly scars that just aren’t frightening.

Gosh, I’m sorry. I gave this movie more attention than it deserves. C-.
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