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Anakin Scores!

I love Sienna Miller, and it appears that Hayden Christensen does too. According to nydailynews.com, Sienna and Hayden became, um, productive during a love-scene for the soon to be released Factory Girl. Can't say I blame him (although I'll give Sienna points for her choice in partners, too).
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Hopefully Hayden will not cheat on Sienna. Or break her heart. Or go down a path she can't follow.

Or think that she's conspiring with someone to kill him.

That'd be bad.
Yes, that would be bad, wouldn't it.

Well, the New York Post is reporting that Sienna is quite upset by these rumors.

Her publicist claims that, "They weren't having real sex. She's just a great actress."

I can believe the first part, but the second is just pushing things a tad overboard, don't you think? :p