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Presidential $1 Coin Program

Now that the State Quarter program is coming to a close, the U.S. Mint has a new plan for the $1 coin which will feature the face of a different president every three months. Read more here.

If you're keeping track, that means Nixon's coin will come out in 2016. That's the last president listed on their schedule. I think there may be some sort of condition or something where living presidents can't be put on currency or something like that.
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Is this some kind of governmental ploy to raise the price of US currency?
It's cheaper to make the coins than it is to print the bills, actually, so the only ploy would be of a historic nature to help people learn the presidents and the order in which they were elected.
Well like it would interest tourists to collect coins too, as well as people in the US to hold onto coins (I mean, a bunch of people were holding onto the US quarters and obstructing circulation) so I wouldn't be surprised if the price of US currency went up in the world market...

Though I guess that logic is stinted if US people really do stint circulation, which I'm guessing will screw the US economy more as a whole...

Duude, this'll be kinda like the sacajawea dollars again...
We've had $1 coins for nearly 30 years now, but they haven't been very popular, and there has been no strong push to eliminate the $1 bill, either. This recent article explains the situation fairly accurately.
ahhh...well i get most of my info about the USA from sitcoms & there always flashing dollar bills around on those shows.
that bit in the article about getting rid of the penny causing inflation might be partly true. we use to have 1& 2 cent coins but the goverment got rid of them now so the smallest coin is 5 cents. But the shops still sell everything for $ 1.98 so unless you pay with EFT you lose a cent every time - oh no!