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So far...

In keeping with my resolution to read and write more, I've read two books in less than two months:

The Secret of Chimneys by Agatha Christie
Allegiance by Timothy Zahn

Not bad for me, so far.

Alas, I have yet to write anything....
You've read 'Secret of the Chimneys'! Hurray! What did you think? Review, please. :p
Um, I can't think of anything comprehensive right now (don't have the book anymore for one thing), so how 'bout you go first and I'll respond with my analysis. :)

BTW, completely different topic, but what is that writing on the right of your icon? I am, believe it or not, unable to read it.
Rats! I'm too scattered for a lengthy review but what about a Q & A?

What did you think about the mystery? (And did you guess the murderer before the end?)

What did you think of the romance?

Lead characters - Prince Anthony, the Widow Victoria, Super Battle?

What did you think of the writer's style?
I think I was expecting something more tense than comedic, which was probably why the comedic elements seemed so out of place.

The first part of the story where we're primarily focused on Anthony Cade was fairly interesting, him trying to deal with all the parties interested in the manuscript and such, but it seemed to lose my interest not long after that when Virginia comes into the story and she's all, like, "oh, I'm being wrongfully blackmailed! This sounds like fun!" I'm like "WTF??" Okay, I'll let that slide, but then the blackmailer shows up dead, Anthony happens to show up at the same time, and just like that, they conspire to hide the body. I'll admit that there are times when the characters are refreshingly honest, but come on!

Then the events at Chimney's were almost farcical. I'll admit that Lord Caterham and Bundle were amusing (Bundle's white-knuckle drive into town with Anthony was well-written), but Lomax and his cronies were just boring. I wanted to shout "get off the page" everytime they showed up. It was kind of hard to follow who was on who's side with all the other guests. I think Christie bungled her attempt at writing the American (Fish?) with what I'd call the occassional dialect-typo. I think she was very inconsistent in that regard. I really didn't think much of Superintendent Battle who seemed to be nothing more than a sounding-board of sorts for Anthony as he tried to figure out the mystery.

I'll give Christie credit that there were more genuine believeable romantic moments than there were clues to the fact that Anthony was really a prince. When I got to the end I thought, "What, did she even know the secret when she was writing the book?" It was like she was thinking, "Oh, I think I'll finish the book now. Who should I say did it?" After a little thought I noticed that there were some hints of what Anthony could have been, but not a whole heck of a lot. There were enough red herrings in this story to start an aquarium.

I think you mentioned Christie's use of the -ly suffix once, and I noticed it quite alot. You could almost make a drinking game out of it, but then you'd pass-out every two pages!