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Challenge Call

Inspired by fernwithy and with a little encouragement from moonspinner, I ask anyone who wants to challenge me with a fan fiction plot-bunny to go right ahead.

CONDITIONS: Since my knowledge of certain fandoms is limited (Star Wars is my speciality) I ask that you post three challenges from various fandoms. I'll try my best at some, but if I don't think I call live up to the challenge of choice "A" I'll move on to choice "B" and etc..

So, what would you like to read?
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i have this idea of a story about Naboo's violent past - all the tibes fighting & the characters being Padme's ancestors.
Oh, a mystery story involving serial killers, taking place on Naboo, involving biological weapons and electric shock.

Or something less gruesome. (I'm sleep deprived)
Here you go!

Title: On the Case
Timeframe: circa The Phantom Menace
Characters: Handmaidens, Captain Panaka
Genre: Mystery
Summary: Queen Amidala’s handmaidens are on the trail of a killer.

On the Case

The handmaiden burst through the security office doors breathless. “There’s a body in the library!” she gasped.

“This is the third one,” Captain Panaka said, standing over the body minutes later. “One is tragic; two may be coincidence, but a third time….”

“The saliva around the wound matches with the previous victims,” the medical examiner announced.

“Shall we round-up the usual suspects, sir?” Sabé asked.

Panaka nodded in the affirmative. “There are only five of them, so I’m sure you girls can bring them in. I’ll talk to the man who can fix this problem,” he said ominously before marching out of the library.

Sabé found the first suspect lying in the sun in the Turret Room. “Please come with me, Chard. Captain Panaka would like to have a word with you.”

Eirtaé found the second suspect lounging on the steps entering the palace, eye the birds. He stood as soon as he spotted her. “Don’t even think about it, Lawrence,” she warned. “The captain would like a word with you.”

Saché surprised her prey just outside the palace kitchen. “Dinner will have to wait until later, Miss White,” she said, grabbing the suspect by the collar.

Rabé discovered Vera in the royal rose-garden and had no trouble bringing her in. “Will you follow me, ma’am,” was all she said as Vera followed her with feline grace.

Tubrel was the most elusive suspect, but Yané found him in the fish-market. After a short but messy chase, Yané finally collared her prey. “You better hope I can get the smell of fish out of my gown,” she snarled as she dragged him to the palace.

The handmaidens and their charges assembled in the library. “Good,” Panaka said when he arrived. “You found them all.” Despite the words Panaka did not look pleased. “Examiner, do your duty.”

The medical examiner stepped forward and took a saliva sample from each suspect. Minutes later, his analysis was complete. “I can prove who was responsible for the killings, Captain,” he said.

“Who? Who did it?” Captain Panaka answered.

“Tubrel did it,” the examiner answered, pointing a finger at the guilty party. Tubrel just tilted his head as if he didn’t understand a word the examiner was saying.

“I knew it,” Yané grumbled under her breath, but Tubrel ignored her, too.

“Trainer Millan,” Panaka shouted as he turned to the door.

“Yes, Captain Panaka?” A dark-haired man of middle-years said as he entered the room. “How may I be of service?”

Panaka sighed. “Tubrel here has been killing peko-pekos and leaving them in the middle of the library. All of the queen’s pets have been well-trained, but I’m counting on you to break him of this habit.”

“It shall be done, Captain,” the cat-trainer said as he took Tubrel’s leash from Yané and led it from the room.

“Well done girls,” Panaka said, only to find the handmaidens focusing their attention on the animals.

“I knew you didn’t do it,” Sabé cooed to Chard. “You’re such a good boy.”

Yané sneezed.

The End

ROFLMAO!!! I love it! Haha, someone's been reading a lot of Clue novels, eh?
Ok, can I play? :bats lashes:

Aotc AU. Backstory is that Qui Gon was killed by Maul on Tatooine before he could return for Anakin so Anakin was left behind. He grew up to become a bounty hunter/mercenary. AotC time_ Jango Fett hires Anakin, instead of Zam to kill Padmé.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to write the scene when Padmé comes face to face with her would-be assassin.
My biggest problem (at the moment) is thinking of a good title for it. I'm usually good with titles, but this one is elluding me.