knight_ander (knight_ander) wrote,

Guilty Meme

What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: Iron Chef America The Chairman, Alton Brown, Mario's shoes, the Secret Ingredient, and of course the ICE CREAM MACHINE! What's not to love?
Literary: Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane I've been meaning to recommend this comic book for a long time. Targeted for All-Ages, the comic book is mainly about MJ & Spidey during their high school years, focusing primarily on MJ.
Audiovisual: Hannah Montana I've only recently become aquainted with this Saturday morning sitcom which is sweet, funny, and doesn't take itself too seriously.
Musical: (not sure) I pretty much like/can tolerate everything and don't feel guilty about much of what I listen to.
Celebrity: (not sure) Sure, I could have said Sienna or Keira or Lindsey or whoever, but I don't think there is anyone out there right now where I would hate to admit that I like. I may have to try this again some time.

Now I tag:-

emmaorgana handmaiden_yane jedishampoo rachelskywalker and corrielle

to complete this same Quiz, Its HERE.
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